Standard Speaker (Discontinued)

CSX-550 (Discontinued)Standard Speaker (Discontinued)


Satisfactory effect may be achieved even under high input power. The built-in alt speaker may be adjusted in multi directions.

Treble and alt will be divided into two groups of speakers set up in non-point to about woofer in order to achieve a more robust three-dimensional sound effects. In addition, by adjusting the treble and the alt point of view point to the speaker, even in a large room, still allows a wide range of sound field from the treble to bass structured to convey to every corner of the room.

Type Bass Refiex Type
System 2 Ways 3 Speakers
Woofer Unit 20cm Paper Cone Type*1unit
Squawker Unit 8cm Paper Cone Type*1unit
Tweeter Unit 8cm Paper Cone Type*1unit
Max Input Power 400W
Rating Input Power 200W
Dimensions(mm) 464 (L) x 268 (W) x 257 (H)
Weight 9.0 kg per pce
Impedance 88\u00CE