Standard Speaker (Discontinued)

CSX-850 (Discontinued)Standard Speaker (Discontinued)

It adopts multi-speaker combination that corresponds with high input power. The alt speaker may be adjusted in multi directions.

Treble and alt will be divided into two groups of speakers set up in non-point to about woofer in order to achieve a more robust three-dimensional sound effects. In addition, by adjusting the treble and the alt point of view point to the speaker, even in a large room, still allows a wide range of sound field from the treble to bass structured to convey to every corner of the room.

The high-power karaoke speakers combination with the advanced technology uses standard input 200W / maximum input of the industry's top 400W configurations, from the vibration plate, large diameter voice coil to the large heat-resistant magnets are the latest development of specially designed components therefor, has a strong high-power input handling capability, large volume of the sound will not break, so you can enjoy the sound effects like in a live house.

Type Bass Refiex Type
System 3 Ways 5 Speakers
Woofer Unit 25cm Paper Cone Type*1unit
Squawker Unit 8cm Paper Cone Type*2units, Double Squawker
Tweeter Unit 8cm Paper Cone Type*2units, Double Tweeter
Max Input Power 500W
Rating Input Power 250W
Dimensions(mm) 520 (L) x 298 (W) x 284 (H)
Weight 12.3 kg per pce
Impedance 8 Ohms