KSP Series

A state-of-the-art Karaoke sound processor with clear and high quality sound

  • PC Editor is provided to setup each sound parameter. (EQ, Comp, etc.)
    This model can create the best Karaoke sound for any room or hall utilizing sound editing software via computer.
  • The voice effect feature - HANAMICHI - is pre-installed so the orchestra sound shifts from side to side while the singer stays in the center. (KSP-100)
  • The Room Acoustic feature is installed to automatically adjust the sound field to all environments depending on the shape of the room and material of the walls, the floor and the ceiling. (KSP-100)
  • An Anti-Feedback feature is used to ensure the best indoor feedback control.
  • KSP-100 is made in Japan
Selling point
  • To make perfect sound setting, use these processor.
  • KSP-100 is Made in Japan.
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Room Acoustic
Room Acoustic (acoustic calibration system) is used by professional audio engineers. The Room Acoustic technology can optimise the sound quality caused by the shape of the room, the wall materials or the sound device including speakers and amplifiers. When the measurement microphone is connected, Room Acoustic calibrates the target frequency characteristics. The target frequency characteristics can be set to flat, low-boost, etc, according to each user’s preference.
Two notch-filter methods are used: “Dynamic Filter” that controls feedback automatically and “Static Filter” that prevents feedback by measuring the feedback occurrence point. The “FQ Shift” method which doesn’t affect the microphone’s sound quality is also used.
Connect to computer Editing software
HANAMICHI effect    


Karaoke Sound Processor

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KSP-100 (Discontinued)

Karaoke Sound Processor