DAS Series

High-tech and high quality Karaoke digital amplifier with large LCD panel

  • This model has a large multi-purpose color LCD panel.
  • The use of BTL connection enables the amplifier to be used as a high power amplifier. (BTL Power: 300W × 2ch) (DAS-400)
  • "Simple mode" function (Sound effect control software) gives family users easy to use.
Selling point
  • Graphical setup on large LCD.
  • Simple mode for family use.
  • Switch 4ch / 2ch connection. (DAS-400)
10 bands equalizer 6 types echo
Screen saver LCD setting
Power amp mode Mute
Professional / Simple mode How to connect
How to connect (300W×2CH Mode) How to connect (150W×4CH Mode)

DAS-150(SE) (Discontinued)

Karaoke Digital Amplifier

DAS-200(SE) (Discontinued)

Karaoke Digital Amplifier (Discontinued)

DAS-300(SE) (Discontinued)

Karaoke Digital Amplifier (Discontinued)

DAS-400(SE) (Discontinued)

Digital Amplifier (Discontinued)