CSE Series

The standard in Karaoke speakers delivers next-generation sound quality.

  • These are luxurious 3-Way/5 speakers with tweeters/squawkers set on both sides. (CSE-312/310II)
  • Superellipse units provide increased range and reduced distortion for more powerful, clearer vocals.
  • Tweeters and squawkers can be rotated, allowing the maximum sound dispersal for the shape of the room.
  • Tweeter, squawker and woofer paper diaphragms are all made in Japan.
  • We use the world's most advanced biomass material called "Cellulose Nano Fiber" on woofer's paper cone. Paper density and strength fine, making sound sharp. (CSE-310II)
Selling point
  • Deep bass by Rear Bass Reflex.
  • Easy adjust tweeter width.
  • "Cellulose Nano Fiber" improves sound quality.
Highly reliable paper cone Made in Japan The superellipse units
Rotatable tweeters and squawkers Rear bass reflex