DAR Series

High power Karaoke amplifier with useful new functions.

  • 350W x 2ch outputs, enough high power to meet commercial use.
  • Double Bluetooth function:
  • HDMI port 2 in 1 out(ARC): can connect HDMI device such as Karaoke song machine, DVD Player, etc. If your TV is available ARC function, TV sound can come into DAR-350H.
  • USB Play: Can conect USB memory, play song.
  • Mobile/PC app: Set up the parameter of DAR-350H by Mobile or PC app.
Selling point
  • 4 useful New functions (Double Bluetooth, HDMI, USB Play, Mobile app)
  • Suitable for both of Commercial / Home use.


Premium Amplifier Specialise for Family

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DAR-350HD2 (Comming soon)

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